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Some care with the shirt make it stay like new for longer. The shirts of brand Nego John are produced with wire 30.1 cotton knit, this means that the fabric is lighter, since the yarn is thinner 30.1. The knit is combed which gives more quality and softness and substantially reduces shrinkage of the t-shirt. But, it is very important to follow some recommendations for washing, ironing and keep the shirts.

If machine wash do not place more than 5 pieces of mesh and always choose the function "delicate" of the machine, so avoid excessive friction and wear of t-shirts. Always use cold water to wash, she shortened the shrinkage. Do not put bleach with chlorine or bleach the color of the mesh t-shirts regardless.

Separate the colored t-shirts the clear when washing, clear parts may stain when mixed with the colored. After washed should be dried in the shade, the Sun fades the shirts.

To pass beyond the recommendation of the label, which is of iron hot tops the 230F, pass the shirts always upside down, especially those printed.

Fold the shirts with care and avoid that the piece be stretched in some parts, it can leave the shirt crooked and ugly-looking dress.

These are some precautions that leave their t-shirts look new for long.

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