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The affection, the informality and the friendly treatment of the word "NEGO" is the interpretation that we want to stay in the essence of the brand. "NEGO" it's cuddle, it's love, it's son, brother, friend, father, uncle, figure. But, "NEGO" for our trademark project corresponds to a part of our DNA, the word "JOHN" complete the brand. JOHN, which for us, is the João in Portuguese, the most popular name in the world.

But because JOHN and not João? The joke, by the universal idea of the name, by the desire to be known in other corners of the world, by the attempt of the "surname more sophisticated and finally because this JOHN won the geographical barriers, political, philosophical and social.

NEGO JOHN: male, simple, complex, plural. It's not slave market, capital of sameness and not the majority.
The proposal is to print our daily expressions in common use objects and t-shirts and always corroborate with popular legitimacy.
The brand is not rich, not poor, not sports concepts and is averse to trendies. It's not opportunistic with regard to catch rides on issues that swayed the country or the world, unless it's legitimate and not merely aiming to profit from the sale of products.

NEGO JOHN is engaged with any matter that she understands to be for the Betterment of life for the majority or the minority.
The mark should not tend to any political party, no religion, no sports or social club. The essence of the brand is compromised with only aesthetics, good sense, fairness, the defense of the common good and individual, respecting ethics, the nature and the human being.

The brand as a company and as a mark of products is strict in not eventually turn positive suppliers who work with manpower of inhumane ways, which do not have social responsibility and showing some kind of bias. To NEGO JOHN commitment to the environment and will strive always to look for ways of assaulting each time less the Planet.

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